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Media consumption

I’ve had more time than usual to watch, read and play over the past few weeks than normal, so here’s a brief roundup. Transformers I didn’t think the script’s humour worked quite as well as it was supposed to here. I’m also tending toward the opinion that, for large ‘splosions and general flag-waving, Armageddon’s a […]

Another TV Show…

“Pimp Your Ide,” a new show on MTV that airs on the 15th or 13th of each month, presented by a mock Julius Caeser. Show takes a reality format, picking unsuspecting targets and assassinating them.


Catching up on some PVR’d TV, this time, Drrt, which just started its run here on Five US (which scores points for showing the until now inaccessible Whose Line is it Anyway (US) which mrsdanhon assures me (like many things), is much better than the British version). Anyway, Drrt. Notable becafuse in around the seventh […]