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PS3 leading cross-platform software development

So Destructoid’s picked up on a trend that what Haze and Devil May Cry are both leading development for cross-platform on the PS3. I have to say that this jibes with a talk given by Richard Parr at Imperial College’s GaME 07 event. Unfortunately, I didn’t take full notes, but Parr said that with Burnout […]

Imperial College – GaME 07 – Creating Games for the Next Generation

I’m at the Games and Media 07 event at Imperial College today. Next up is: Creating Games for the Next Generation David Braben. founder of Frontier Developments. Some history for those people who haven’t heard about Elite. Chairman of Frontier: RollerCoaster Tycoon, Wallce & Grommit, Thrilville, and Outsider. The games industry is in the second […]


I was absolutely not, under any circumstances, involved in interviewing someone at SCEE’s London Studios and did not, at all, hear that the morale there was terrible, that people were starting to leave in droves, that management was more or less shitting itself or that anyone was panicking that the PS3 wasn’t doing as well […]