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Eight Random Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Frankie Roberto to write eight random things about myself. I’m finding this rather tricky, if only because I’ve been writing online for the last nine years or so, and if there’s anything I’ve written about, it’s probably been ninety-five percent fluff and ‘random things’ and the odd five percent of actually […]

Stupid things I’ve done

This one doesn’t score quite so highly on the “stupid things I’ve done list,” but it’s nonetheless irritating enough. I had assumed (reasonably, I maintain) that when upgrading WordPress and electing to replace (and not merge) my current version of WordPress with the upgraded version, that everything that I put in wp-content would remain untouched, […]


Some minor, some major. Foyles’s stool/window area needs plug sockets. And slightly more obvious wifi. Vox lets you embed widgets, but you need to paste the code in yourself. No directory of widgets to select from! Facebook’s not ever telling me what a message is, only that I’ve got one, is seriously starting to piss […]

I’m feeling puntastic

Last night, over dinner: P, to R: How do you get unseeded watermelons? Me: They get entered through wildcards. Me, to R: The police investigating the Madeline McCann abduction released a man without charge. R: … Me: He was neutral! R: I’m going upstairs. I’ll meet you up there? Me: Wait. We should synchronise our […]

My life in bullet points

Bullet points, because it’s easier than writing prose. Best leave that to the experts, hell, this could just be a blank entry with a bunch of tags associated to it. Spending an inordinate amount of time playing Burnout Dominator, getting those tricky last few gold medals Not sleeping until 5am, and not getting up until […]

Er, yes

Yes, things have gone rather quiet here recently. Yes, I’m up to something. No, I can’t really say what it is yet. Yes, I hope to be able to say what it is, soon. Yes, it’s to do with life post-Mind Candy.

Unordered List

Because I’m not quite in the position of being able to form coherent paragraphs (even sentences are quite dodgy at the moment), here’s a brief recap of the previous, oh, 48-96 hours in unordered list format: Repeatedly trying to start a post about videogames as art that touches on such topics as: “what do you […]

Moving On from Mind Candy

So, I’m moving on from Mind Candy. I’ve been with the company since pretty much the beginning in 2004 and have seen it grow from just a few (Michael, Mind Candy’s CEO, Adrian and Justin), to the 20-something employees we have right now. I’ve worked on so, so many things since 2004. Responsibilty for some […]