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Cheltenham Science Festival tomorrow night

I completely forgot to post a reminder about this ahead of time – the night before (only just) isn’t really enough warning, but at least I did post about the talk I’m doing at the Cheltenham Science Festival about a month ago. Anyway: I’ll be speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival this year at Virtually […]

PSFK Conference London

I gave a short talk about ARGs and Perplex City at the PSFK London Conference last Friday (1 June 2007). It was one of the shortest talks that I’ve ever done – only about 30 minutes – and as with most talks where the majority of the audience is unfamiliar with ARGs, one where the […]

More moving on

Some posts from the ex-Mind Candy ARG team: Adrian‘s post Andrea‘s post Naomi‘s post David‘s post

Perplex City, aloha

My brother Adrian is also moving on from Mind Candy. The two of us have talked about what we might do next, and I imagine that we’ll be talking about it as soon as we’ve figured out what it is. I think it’s fair to say, though, that we share some interests.

Moving On from Mind Candy

So, I’m moving on from Mind Candy. I’ve been with the company since pretty much the beginning in 2004 and have seen it grow from just a few (Michael, Mind Candy’s CEO, Adrian and Justin), to the 20-something employees we have right now. I’ve worked on so, so many things since 2004. Responsibilty for some […]

London Geek Games Night

So the London geek games night I organised a month or so back went pretty well, and rather than let a good thing die, I thought it’d be a good idea to keep it going. We had a great time, so we’re back – tomorrow night. Alice has already blogged this (thanks, Alice!), but if […]

Channel 4 – In The Wild / Living On Line

Living On Line Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor, C4 Education Bronwyn Kunhardt, Director of Citzenship, Microsoft Rachel O’Connell, Chief Safety Officer, Bebo, exCyberspace Research Unit, Ewan McIntosh, blogger (edublogs) and social media specialist Pretty much liveblogging/transcribing this, so apologies for transcription errors, typos, etc. Matt Locke – joined C4 ten days ago: what we’re talking about […]


(Crossposted from This Is Mind Candy – and you can also check out the podcast now) SXSW have just released their report card covering their 2007 Panel Ratings and I’m pleased to say that the ARG! Attack of the Alternate Reality Games panel came in at a very respectable 4.64/5, and as eleventh top-rated panel! […]

Aaaand we’re up

We (re)launched two new sites today: a brand new Perplex City Sentinel, and Violet Underground, Violet Kiteway’s new blog. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming soon from Mind Candy, not least of which is the design refresh (spot the judicious use of Prototype.js, for one: thanks to our designers, for that).

IBM Hursley’s grotto of delights

I was out at a work meet-and-greet trip with Mind Candy’s VP Bizdev, Lisa Long, to IBM Hursley last week to meet metaverse gurus Roo Reynolds and Ian Hughes, both of eightbar. It was a great trip, one of those where you meet a couple of people, hit it off, and before you know it, […]