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Don’t do this: GMail and Mail in OS X 10.5

There’s some advice that says that you can/should map the “all mail” label in GMail’s imap implementation to the “trash” folder in Mail (or any other imap client, really), the intended effect being that when you delete something, it only gets archived, instead of moved into some frankly annoying deleteditems label that starts cluttering up […]

OS X and the iPhone

This is quite possibly 2lmc bait, but I’m trying to work out exactly what it is that Apple’s done to get OS X running on the iPhone, other than the usual re-compile/Marklar-esque port to ARM. My understanding is that for at least the phone-y/radio-y bits of a mobile you’d need some sort of RTOS and […]

Mac Annoyances

Okay, so this one is from our internal tech wiki. I posted on This is Mind Candy that we develop on an Apple platform (we don’t deploy to an Apple platform, though), and it appears that one of our internal wikis has sprung an Annoyances page. There’s one small rant about Firefox 2.x and tab […]