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Imperial College – GaME 07 – Creating Games for the Next Generation

I’m at the Games and Media 07 event at Imperial College today. Next up is: Creating Games for the Next Generation David Braben. founder of Frontier Developments. Some history for those people who haven’t heard about Elite. Chairman of Frontier: RollerCoaster Tycoon, Wallce & Grommit, Thrilville, and Outsider. The games industry is in the second […]

Imperial College – GaME 07 Introduction

I’m at the Games and Media 07 event at Imperial College today, but unfortunately just for the morning sessions. Fairly packed out – today’s event is free registration, and we’ve probably got over a hundred people in the lecture theatre. First up, an introduction from Paul Kelly, group leader of Software Performance Optimisation at Imperial. […]

Out and about: PSFK Conference London

I’ll be speaking at the PSFK Conference London on 1 June, at the kind invitation of Piers of PSFK. The lineup, as ever, looks fantastic, and I’m honoured to be in such company as Russell Davies and Hugh MacLeod. The blurb for me so far is: 2.00 Alternative Reality Games – Dan Hon (Mind Candy) […]

London Geek Games Night

So the London geek games night I organised a month or so back went pretty well, and rather than let a good thing die, I thought it’d be a good idea to keep it going. We had a great time, so we’re back – tomorrow night. Alice has already blogged this (thanks, Alice!), but if […]


I was absolutely not, under any circumstances, involved in interviewing someone at SCEE’s London Studios and did not, at all, hear that the morale there was terrible, that people were starting to leave in droves, that management was more or less shitting itself or that anyone was panicking that the PS3 wasn’t doing as well […]

Hide & Seek

London gamers (I know you’re out there…) will probably be interested in Hide & Seek, being produced by Gideon Reeling. The schedule looks pretty cool, and there’s a very good chance you might be able to spot me at the Cruel 2 B Kind gig on the Sunday…