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Not what I expected

Not what I expected when I was looking for pictures of pandas (don’t ask). I know that looking at pictures of cute animals can be additive, but I didn’t realise the condition could be quite so serious.

More Google UI improvements

Google appear to be making more incremental improvements to their UI. Unlike the big-bang explosion of having Analytics being Veened, Google Calendar appears to have just done one tiny little bit of chrome, here: It’s the “My Calendars” navigation on the left hand pane of the Calendar interface. There’s a shiny “Add” now. Clicking it […]

Oxford Circus – Google Maps

I live in Google Maps half the time now – don’t carry an A-Z around anymore now that I’ve got unlimited 3G data and Google Maps on my phone – but today was the first that I noticed that a search for Oxford Circus now highlights the station with a graphic highlighting the different lines […]

Gorgeous Google Analytics Goodness

Jeff Veen (and the rest of the blogging world) brings news of a new and shiny update to Google Analytics – not only new functionality (email reporting – something that I’d be using in my day job), but a brand spanking new user interface that not only looks bright, clear and easy to read, but […]