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SXSW 2008: From Frustration to Elation: Getting Emotional by Design

From Frustration to Elation: Getting Emotional by Design Room B Sunday, March 9th 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Dan Rubin  Black Seagull/Sidebar Creative Eris Stassi   Interaction Designer,   Apple Didier Hilhorst   Interaction Designer,   IDEO [Best slides so far and typography] ES: Introduction – this icon was put together by someone on my team. So you have […]

Play/Time – ARG Games lab

Brother of mine and I are working with Unexpected Media and Play/Time to put together an ARG Games Lab. Here’s what Frank’s got to say about the lab: Over four days between October 22nd and 26th, twenty creative professionals artists, writers, developers and producers from backgrounds in theatre, video-games, animation, web design, tv and radio […]

And another thing on the E61…

Look, I’m sorry, but I just can’t let this E61 business lie. Hopefully Jerakeen’s having better luck with his E61i (I sincerely wish him the best), but really: The “mail” button. I’ve deleted my email account (the one using the built-in mail client) on the phone because I don’t have a work email account at […]

Please excuse me

… while I play with the layout and design here (yes, I’m tweaking Derek’s wonderful DePo Clean theme). Update: I think I’m done now.

Gorgeous Google Analytics Goodness

Jeff Veen (and the rest of the blogging world) brings news of a new and shiny update to Google Analytics – not only new functionality (email reporting – something that I’d be using in my day job), but a brand spanking new user interface that not only looks bright, clear and easy to read, but […]