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links for 2011-09-25

LevelUp for Photoshop "LevelUp for Photoshop is a game of missions — and points and rewards — that guide you along the way of learning basic Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 software skills. If you are a photographer and are just staring to use Photoshop, this is the game for you." (tags: gamification photoshop adobe)

links for 2011-09-16

Sony saddles Vita with expensive, proprietary memory and short battery life Sony's still addicted to proprietary memory cards. (tags: sony proprietary memorycard hardware stack)

links for 2011-09-15

Gamasutra – News – Neal Stephenson To Keynote GDC Online's Game Narrative Summit Well now I'm absurdly excited (tags: nealstephenson gdc gdconline austin keynote narrative)

links for 2011-09-04

#dConstruct – building stories online and rules in life – One Man and His Blog A photo of me that I like. (tags: bio photo danhon dconstruct 2011)

links for 2011-08-24

TalkBin – Home Some bizarre Google customer service thing. (tags: talkbin customerservice customerexperience voice text saas)

links for 2011-08-23

Gamasutra – News – Deus Ex: Human Rev Art Lead: Art Direction 'Misunderstood' "We need to get our industry out of [the mentality] … "Look how much better this metal shader is than this other game!" That's not art; that's tech. Art is a message, is a direction, is a flavor," he said. This. (tags: […]

links for 2011-08-17

Skrekkøgle ?????????? gorgeous (tags: sculpture art solitaire skrekkogle)

links for 2011-08-09

Antimatter particles found in orbit held by Earth's magnetic field I'm sorry, but this is unbelievably freaking cool (tags: antimatter science orbit earth magneticfield)

links for 2011-07-29

Gamasutra – News – Interview: Makielab's Sulka Haro On The Gamification Of Toys Inadvertent gamification (tags: makielab sulkaharo alicetaylor joroach lukepetre)

links for 2011-07-21

Gamasutra – News – BBC Worldwide To Begin Publishing Indie Games Internationally "BBC Worldwide, the commercial subsidiary for the UK-government-owned British Broadcasting Corporation, will begin publishing British-made indie games internationally in the near future." Well then. This is interesting. (tags: bbc bbcworldwide publishing games international indiegames)