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BBC iPlayer – Don’t Cross the Streams

The web’s abuzz with the news that the BBC’s iPlayer has made its first tentative steps toward sanity and put together a Flash video based streaming service that’s DRM unencumbered. Roo’s put together a good review of the service, and assorted others have chimed in with their comments. I was going to do a Roo-style […]

Is it because I have breasts?

Watching (and I use the term loosely, more of a “it was on in the background”) BBC Breakfast this morning, there was rather predictably some coverage of the first female Beefeater, and an interview with Moira Cameron. Questions included: have you ever been tempted to try on the crown jewels? have you ever been tempted […]

SXSW 2007 – ARG! The Attack of the Alternate Reality Games Transcript

ARG! The Attack of the Alternate Reality Games Room 9C Saturday, March 10th 2007 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Part game, story and treasure hunt, alternate reality games introduce people to a world of creative play, skywriting, online games, phone calls, radio broadcasts, secret websites, blogs, texts, coded adverts, emails, hidden audio files and helicopter […]

Channel 4 – In The Wild / Living On Line

Living On Line Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor, C4 Education Bronwyn Kunhardt, Director of Citzenship, Microsoft Rachel O’Connell, Chief Safety Officer, Bebo, exCyberspace Research Unit, Ewan McIntosh, blogger (edublogs) and social media specialist Pretty much liveblogging/transcribing this, so apologies for transcription errors, typos, etc. Matt Locke – joined C4 ten days ago: what we’re talking about […]

BBC’s .co.uk Supernova coverage

It’s cool that the BBC has highlighted the interesting supernova event (interesting in that it was a little brighter than expected), but I do like the tie-in at the end of the graphic. If you like supernovae, you might also like the Star Wars exhibit! That’s no moon…