Bookmarks for August 8th through August 9th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for August 8th from 15:57 to 10:08:

  • Current System Descriptions For Information Management and Communications Support (IMCS) – This appendix describes the current state of the systems used to provide the services listed in PWS Section 3, Technical Services. System locations are listed in Appendix 11 – System and Service Location Matrix.
  • ‘This is Ground Control’: The Invention of Mission Control Centers in the United States and Europe – "This dissertation examines the invention of mission control centers by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the European Space Agency, particularly during the Cold War. The control rooms of Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and the European Space Operations Centre, in Darmstadt, Germany, lie at the heart of this discussion. The three control centers developed individually, however each contain certain similarities yet important differences based on their particular political, economic, and spaceflight, needs."
  • REDUCING THE COST OF GROUND SYSTEMS & OPERATIONS THROUGH SOFTWARE RE-USE – "The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest single international undertaking in space and is collectively man- aged by the space agencies of the USA, Europe, Japan, Russia and Canada. The principal elements of the Euro- pean contribution are the Columbus pressurized module and the advanced transfer vehicle (ATV). On-orbit activi- ties in the Columbus module are supported by an extensive ground command and control infrastructure serving Columbus system operations and the user community needs. A central feature of this infrastructure is the re-use of computer software developed initially to support the integration and checkout of the Columbus module. Known as CGS (Columbus Ground Software), this software was conceived as an end-to-end data system from which all the Columbus development, simulation and software test facilities have been derived. Key to the design of CGS is a single Mission Data Base (MDB) as the central engin- eering knowledge repository. CGS software is re-used in the Monitoring & Control Subsystem (MCS), which forms the core of the Columbus operations control center (COL- CC). This paper reviews the architecture of the CGS soft- ware, and its application to the Columbus ground segment during development and subsequently for operations."
  • NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) – A New Architecture for Visualization: Open Mission Control Technologies – Open Mission Control Technologies (MCT) is a new architecture for visualisation of mission data. Driven by requirements for new mission capabilities, including distributed mission operations, access to data anywhere, customization by users, synthesis of multiple data sources, and flexibility for multi-mission adaptation, Open MCT provides users with an integrated customizable environment. Developed at NASAs Ames Research Center (ARC), in collaboration with NASAs Advanced Multimission Operations System (AMMOS) and NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Open MCT is getting its first mission use on the Jason 3 Mission, and is also available in the testbed for the Mars 2020 Rover and for development use for NASAs Resource Prospector Lunar Rover
  • HSF – Timeline (December 2000) – "Sergei swapped hard disks from Russian Laptop #2 to the operating laptop on the central post. It is back in working order. However, we do not have a backup for the Solaris/Unix OS which gave us the problem and we are operating on our only working load. We request that 4A bring at least one complete hard drive as a backup for the Russian laptop.

    "OCA file transfer problems in the afternoon. Did several reboots, cleaned off large avi files, dismissed unnecessary apps. OCA still appears to be running slow although lots of storage and RAM available. We are thinking to try again Wednesday with ethernet network card turned off, to reduce processing demand on OCA. Will wait for ground OK to do this."

  • CFP — Digital Justice Lab
  • The Marines have set the bar for reform. Can the rest of the military follow? – The Washington Post
  • Technology is not the solution (nor is it irrelevant) — it’s a lever · Dave Guarino