Bookmarks for August 2nd from 10:13 to 13:10

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links posted to for August 2nd from 10:13 to 13:10:

  • OTFAQ: Operational Transformation Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – OT is a technology for supporting collaborative computing functions and applications. OT has a rich set of collaboration capabilities and has been used to support a wide range of applications.
  • Operational transformation – Wikipedia – Operational transformation (OT) is a technology for supporting a range of collaboration functionalities in advanced collaborative software systems. OT was originally invented for consistency maintenance and concurrency control in collaborative editing of plain text documents. Two decades of research have extended its capabilities and expanded its applications to include group undo, locking, conflict resolution, operation notification and compression, group-awareness, HTML/XML and tree-structured document editing, collaborative office productivity tools, application-sharing, and collaborative computer-aided media design tools (see OTFAQ). In 2009 OT was adopted as a core technique behind the collaboration features in Apache Wave and Google Docs.
  • APIs are about Policy — – "Rather, there is an endpoint which allows you to read/write one or more columns in a row in the user table, according to certain very specific rules per column. This is dependent not just on the field types and values (i.e. data integrity), but on the authentication state (i.e. identity and permission), which comes via an HTTP header and requires extra data and lookups to validate."
  • Softball dad with a disappointed catcher: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.
  • Gold Codes – Wikipedia – The card is similar to a credit card, and the president carries it on his or her person. Before it can be read, an opaque plastic covering must be snapped in two and removed.[6]