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by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links posted to for July 9th from 09:59 to 15:58:

  • JF Ptak Science Books: Take the July 1945 “How do we Use the Atomic Bomb?” Poll – "This is a continuation of my post/thread “Deciding to Use the Atomic Bomb: The Chicago Metallurgical Lab Poll, July, 1945" which is part of a 50-post thread on the history of atomic and nuclear weapons.  Thus far more than 2400 people have responded to this poll on whether/how to use the atomic bomb that was first taken by the Manhattan Project metallurgical lab physicists at Chicago."
  • The Manhattan Project Poll on the Use of Atomic Weapons, July 1945. – This is the straightforward poll of Compton and Daniels which asked 250 scientists at the Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory arm of the Manhattan Project in pre-Trinity July, 1945. (Originally published as “A Poll of Scientists at Chicago, July 1945,” in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, February 1948, 44, p63. and again published in Compton’s Atomic Quest in 1956.) You can take this test anonymously. Please try and keep in mind the time and place of the events unfolding: the Japanese resistance to the unconditional surrender ultimatum developing at Potsdam; the resistance to massive air raids; the tenacious fighting in the islands at the outreaches of the Empire; the thousands of American POWs; the circulating estimates of the coming Japanese invasion casualties (hundreds of thousands of Americans, far more so Japanese), and so on.
  • Take the same ethics poll that Manhattan Project scientists did 65 years ago – "65 years ago, 250 scientists working on the Manhattan Project were asked how atomic weapons should be used in the war with Japan. Now you can take the same poll, and compare your answers with theirs."
  • Ask HN: Invited by Facebook for privacy roundtable. What questions should I ask? | Hacker News
  • Earthquakes in the sky