Bookmarks for October 31st through November 1st

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for October 31st from 11:01 to 16:04:

  • Starfleet Corps of Engineers (Literature) – TV Tropes
  • Jurassic Park for Perfume: Ginkgo Bioworks Reconstructs Scents From Extinct Plants – IEEE Spectrum – "Researchers at Ginkgo Bioworks, one of the largest synthetic-biology companies in world, succeeded in resurrecting the smell by expressing the genes needed for making the defunct flower’s pungent aroma molecules in microbes. Ginkgo unveiled—and demoed—the new perfume at the company’s inaugural annual meeting in Boston last week."
  • Gamasutra: Josh Ge’s Blog – How to Make a Roguelike – "The “How to Make a Roguelike” talk is available in video form below, but this article serves as a text version of that same talk for those who’d prefer a readable format, or to just take a closer look at the many images ;)"
  • Growth of Subreddits | FlowingData – “here’s a chart of the top 10 commented subreddits over the years for a look at “what the internet is talking about.””
  • AR Costumes: Automatically Augmenting Watertight Costumes from a single RGB Image – Disney Research – "We describe a method to automatically augment a watertight digital costume onto a person’s body from a monocular RGB image. When overlaying a digital costume onto a body using pose matching, several parts of the person’s cloth or skin remain visible due to differences in shape and proportions. In this paper, we present a practical solution to these artifacts which requires minimal costume parameterization work, and a straightforward inpainting approach. To our knowledge, our approach is the first to deliver plausible watertight costumes from RGB imagery only, and is compatible with mobile devices. We believe this can serve as a useful baseline for future improvements and comparisons."