Bookmarks for September 25th from 12:17 to 16:46

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links posted to for September 25th from 12:17 to 16:46:

  • OPENSTEP Installation Guide
  • BBC finds truth behind this woman’s killing – BBC News
  • Safari’s “Siri Suggested” Search Results Highlighted Conspiracy Sites And Fake News – "Siri Suggested Websites come from content on the web and we provide curation to help avoid inappropriate sites. We also remove any inappropriate suggestions whenever we become aware of them, as we have with these. We will continue to work to provide high-quality results and users can email results they feel are inappropriate to" – REALLY?
  • 12 Authors Who Are Actually Making Twitter Good – Electric Literature
  • A New Short Story by Helen DeWitt Recommended by Sheila Heti
  • Apple Describes 7nm iPhone SoC | EE Times – "The A12 packs a six-core GPU designed by Apple, said to be 50% faster than the block on the A11. An upgraded neural engine sports eight cores, up from two in the A11. Apple claims that it delivers a nine-fold performance gain on its CoreML machine-learning framework, hitting 5 trillion operations/s, up from 600 billion ops/s on the A11 using one-tenth of the energy." Ah, ok. So the NE can be used for CoreML workloads and isn't just something that's reserved for eg photography
  • TechInsights Publishes Apple A12 Die Shot: Our Take – From what I can understand, part of the deal is: with process shrinks, you've got more die area to fill up, so you need to find something to do. We've got a whole bunch of die area for conventional cores (now multiple "big" and "little" cores, so specialization in terms of power efficiency, e.g.), you've got a whole area for GPU cores and… what does the Neuro processing unit do? Is it more TPU-type stuff so that you can keep the GPU going? Is the NPU accessible in any way, e.g. can you run Metal tasks be assigned to it?
  • On The Turing Completeness of MS PowerPoint- Tom Wildenhain – "Given PowerPoint's versatility and cross-platform compatibility (offering Microsoft branded support for mobile devices and the two commercially relevant desktop operating systems), some have asked whether any other applications are necessary at all, or if all computational tasks can be accomplished the the creation of dedicated .pptx files. This research aims to definitively answer these questions in the affirmative through the creation of a PowerPoint Turing Machine (PPTXTM), proving PowerPoint to be exponentially more capable than competing slideshow editing software."
  • (58) On The Turing Completeness of PowerPoint (SIGBOVIK) – YouTube
  • From Farm to Blockchain: Walmart Tracks Its Lettuce – The New York Times – “I can’t see how doing this in a blockchain data format will make this magical in any way,” said David Gerard, the author of “Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain.” and "But currently, all of the records for the Walmart blockchain are being stored on IBM’s cloud computers, for Walmart’s use. That has led to questions about why a distributed database like a blockchain is even necessary. The idea is right but the execution seems off,” said Simon Taylor, the co-founder of 11:FS, a consulting firm that advises companies on blockchain adoption. “IBM took new tech that doesn’t need a middleman and made themselves the middleman.”
  • IBM Food Trust Solution Brief – "An IBM Blockchain solution for food safety. Tracking food supply chains with a trusted, shared and immutable ledger" and "IBM Blockchain Platform employs the security benefits of the underlying Hyperledger Fabric blockchain implementation. Hyperledger Fabric requires no cryptocurrency or other processor-intensive computations to guarantee the legitimacy and permanence of network transactions, and features a thoroughly permissioned network. The owner of the data controls who can see it on a Hyperledger Fabric network. Every transaction on IBM Blockchain Platform can be accessible to: all on the network, only supply chain partners, only directly referenced supply chain partners (one hop), or only internal members of your organization. All transactions are directly traceable to a registered user, and anonymous transactions are not permitted."
  • IBM Food Trust – IBM Blockchain – "Powered by the IBM Blockchain Platform, IBM Food Trust is the only active network of its kind that directly connects participants through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food origin details, processing data, shipping details and more."
  • Walmart Requires Lettuce, Spinach Suppliers to Join Blockchain – CIO Journal. – WSJ – "Walmart Inc., in a letter to be issued Monday to suppliers, will require its direct suppliers of lettuce, spinach and other greens to join its food-tracking blockchain by Jan. 31. The retailer also will mandate that farmers, logistics firms and business partners of these suppliers join the blockchain by Sept. 30, 2019. The supplier push comes after 18 months of testing the blockchain system from developed by International Business Machines Corp. Tests to trace berries, mangoes, baby food, chicken and other foods on the IBM Food Trust blockchain have produced a more complete view of the food system than under current federal regulations, according to Nestlé SA, Dole Food Co., and other participants in the project."
  • With Walmart’s veggie tracker, blockchain for supply chains will finally get real – MIT Technology Review – The news: Walmart is wrapping up a two-year pilot project in which it demonstrated that a distributed ledger can keep tabs on food products from farm to shelf. It appears to have been such a success that the company is ordering vegetable suppliers, farmers, logistics firms, and everyone involved in getting leafy greens from farm to plate that they will need to join the new blockchain network by next September.