Bookmarks for September 24th from 12:46 to 13:46

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links posted to for September 24th from 12:46 to 13:46:

  • The Costly Fiasco of Minnesota’s Licensing and Registration System – IEEE Spectrum – Replacement Minnesota vehicle licensing and registration system: started in 2008, due to be operational by 2014, but contract wasn't agreed until 2012 with HP at a cost of $41m. 2 years later, HP terminated and handed to State control, anticipated to be complete by 2016 (two years!). In early 2015, revised budget hit $93m, with read only version planned Oct 2016 (sound familiar?)
  • TSB invests £250m in traditional and digital banking – "TSB is investing £250m in both digital services and branches to support its belief that customers should not have to choose between the two." – from 2015, the digital team would double in size creating 42 jobs
  • Software Glitch Keeps TSB Users Stranded Into Second Week – Bloomberg – TSB’s attempt to upgrade systems for its 1.9 million active online and mobile customers failed a week ago, leaving hundreds of thousands unable to access their accounts. The bank tried to switch 5 million customers and 1.3 billion records to software run by its Spain-based parent Sabadell from a system operated by Lloyds Banking Group Plc, which sold TSB three years ago. Lloyds’s Chief Financial Officer George Culmer said last week that the lender had fulfilled its obligations and that there is nothing more it can do to solve TSB’s problem.
  • TSB unveils new banking tech platform, Proteo4UK – FinTech Futures – “Proteo4UK was built in close co-operation with world-class companies, and has very few legacy systems,” he states. “It is a brand new core banking system for us.” – originally budgeted at GBP 250m, delayed and then an additional budget of GBP 70m
  • New Software System Snags TSB’s Online and Mobile Banking Customers – IEEE Spectrum – TSB’s problems began Sunday night, April 22, after the bank completed its weekend-long migration to a platform called Proteo4UK. The migration involved the transfer of more than 1.3 billion records related to 5.2 million customers from Lloyds Bank’s IT systems. Soon after the migration was complete, customers began complaining that they weren’t able to access their accounts online or through their mobile devices, while others said they were seeing incorrect account information including zero balances.
  • Spiders Prompt Mazda to Recall Cars for Software Update – IEEE Spectrum – Mazda installed a spring to the canister vent lines in an attempt to keep the pesky spiders out. In addition, it modified the vehicle’s “Power Control Module software to minimize negative pressure of the fuel tank” for Mazda6s that were still on the production line.  However, in a report (pdf) to the U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration made public last week, Mazda indicated that some spiders had still managed to get through the springs and cause fuel line problems in a number of its customers’ refitted Mazda6s. The automaker did have some good news to report: Its PCM software modification was “effective” in avoiding the possibility of fuel tank cracking, even if a spider’s sac completely clogged the canister vent line.
  • The Blue Notebooks – Wikipedia – He has described it as "a protest album about Iraq, a meditation on violence – both the violence that I had personally experienced around me as a child and the violence of war, at the utter futility of so much armed conflict." The album was recorded about a week after mass protests against the war.[3]