Bookmarks for July 23rd through July 24th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for July 23rd from 13:58 to 08:33:

  • Laid-Off New York Daily News Staff Are Victims Of Class Warfare – When people talk pejoratively about “class warfare,” they almost never are referring to things like the above sequence of events. But what happened to the Daily News at the hands of Tronc is class fucking warfare, a massive redistribution of wealth from the paper’s working people to a disgusting handsy shitbag multimillionaire, in a decision made far above those working people’s heads by a small handful of executive- and investor-class vampires. The journalists who lost their livelihoods today in effect had their salaries and benefits re-routed to Michael Ferro’s bank accounts. Against their wills, they were made to pay him for being a fucking pig.
  • What if people were paid for their data? – Data workers of the world, unite – It would not be the first time that an important economic resource had gone from simply being used to being owned and traded; the same has already happened with land and water, for example. But digital information seems an unlikely candidate to be allocated by markets. Unlike physical resources, personal data are an example of what economists call “non-rival” goods, meaning they can be used more than once. In fact, the more they are used, the better for society. And frequent leaks show how difficult it can be to control data. But another historical precedent might provide a model—and also chimes with contemporary concerns about “technofeudalism”, argue Jaron Lanier, a virtual-reality pioneer, and Glen Weyl, an economist at Yale University, who both work for Microsoft Research.
  • Space Explorer Hayabusa2 Prepares to Land on a Diamond-Shaped Asteroid 900 Meters Wide – IEEE Spectrum – After meeting up with Ryugu, its target asteroid, on 27 June, Hayabusa2 is now decreasing its altitude (to roughly 5 kilometers above the surface) in order to carry out medium altitude observation. By late August, JAXA will decide where on the space rock’s surface Hayabusa2 will land. The agency intends to have it touch down in a September-October time frame
  • The Solution – Goya Move – Goya-Move allows the parent to set Step Goals for their kid’s and lets parents choose which apps they want to block until the Step Goals are met. Once the child meets their daily or hourly Step Goal, the apps automatically unblock and are free to use. In addition, there are numerous other Technology Time-Out features in the app, that can be used to enhance the overall parental control experience.
  • Amazon Prime Day crash: internal docs reveal scramble to fix – “Even after making these changes, Amazon’s site “error rate” continued to worsen until about 1:05 p.m., before drastically improving at 1:10 p.m., an internal site performance chart shows. Some parts of Amazon saw order rates that were “significantly higher than expected" by a factor of two, one of the updates said. One person familiar with the matter described the office scene as “chaotic” and said at one point more than 300 people tuned in to an emergency conference call.”