Bookmarks for July 18th through July 19th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for July 18th from 20:51 to 19:53:

  • Quiver Doodles – “Hey maybe quiver doodles can somehow be used to represent play states in video games.”
  • The European Commission Versus Android – “In short, in my estimation the real antitrust issue is Google contractually foreclosing OEMs from selling devices with non-Google versions of Android; the only way to undo that harm in 2018, though, would be to make Google Play Services available to any Android fork.”
  • U.K. Government Rates 29 Technology Projects on Likelihood of Success – IEEE Spectrum – Like last year, no major information technology project was judged by the Authority as currently being “red,” which means that the project appears unachievable. However, seven were assessed as “amber/red,” which means the successful delivery of the project is in doubt, and another 14 were considered to be “amber,” indicating that, while successful delivery is feasible, there are significant issues that require management attention to ensure the project’s success. The other eight are “amber/green,” indicating that successful delivery is probable, but constant attention is needed to prevent risks from threatening delivery. No project was rated “green.”
  • Augmented Reality Makes Robots Better Coworkers – IEEE Spectrum – Oh, this is good. Feels like one of those so-good-it-feels-obvious ideas: using AR as a way to disambiguate and explain what a robot or other agent is doing. The screen on Baxter and on GERTY from Moon is one dimension of this, but being able to whip out your phone and see the equivalent of thought bubbles is super interesting. Whether’s its *easy to use* for interacting with and interrogating data versus using a non-AR I can see there being an issue, but feels like it could be great for discovery.
  • Wyze’s $20 connected security camera now supports Amazon Alexa – The Verge – Connected cameras are approaching “free with breakfast cereal” territory.
  • Fortnite has earned $1 billion from in-game purchases alone | – This is a really good way to let people know you have a $2k market research report for people to buy
  • Game devs on what they would do to their clones | Rock, Paper, Shotgun – “You enter a room. The door locks behind you. From a door opposite another you enters. This other you is a perfectly identical clone, created in the exact instant you entered the room, but as every second ticks by they are creating their own distinct personhood. The doors will unlock in 90 minutes. Nobody will ever know what happens in the room. What do you do? (assume the materials you need for whatever you want to do are in the room). Please show your working, if able.”
  • draft-elders-social-media-apology-00 – Social Media (An Apology) – “Recently, you may have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of
    opprobrium, outrage, hate speech and overall bile on your favorite
    social media channel.”