Bookmarks for July 9th from 14:00 to 19:45

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links posted to for July 9th from 14:00 to 19:45:

  • Some reviews & reviewers of 2018’s SF/F short fiction so far | MetaFilter – “Setting aside stories posted previously, a selection of recommendations from other sources offers additional perspective on six months of SF/F short fiction.”
  • Razor brand Billie embraces women with body hair – Video – Creativity Online – “Billie, a brand launched around the contention that women pay a "pink tax" on razors by paying more than men do for similar products, has a new campaign to pay homage to the stuff razors remove–female body hair in all its glory. "Project Body Hair" means to reflect Billie's belief that women aren't "goddesses" for shaving and should only shave when they want to, plus the idea that they shouldn't pay more for a razor just because it has a pink handle.”
  • NOEMIE LE COZ- Project Bodyhair – “As creative director of the brand, my role was to lead the campaign creative. With body hair as hero, I themed the shoot 'fuzz', forming direction for the campaign's styling, props, location, wardrobe and copywriting. From pom poms and fluffy socks to prickly plant life and brushed out perms, we made 'fuzz' a little more fun.”
  • Security — Timehop – “To reiterate: none of your “memories” – the social media posts & photos that Timehop stores – were accessed.”
  • Circle Medical – Primary Care Nurse Practitioner – “We are modernizing traditional office and house calls and bringing care to the patient; our unique model enables providers to see fewer patients each day and spend more time engaging in thoughtful decision-making, discussing diagnoses and creating truly personalized treatment plans; in other words, we let doctors be doctors.”
  • A New Series: Digital Transformation for CFOs and Finance Departments | AWS Cloud Enterprise Strategy Blog – “CFOs might feel pressured to take risks and support such transformations, even if they don’t feel prepared to do so. But I come bearing very good news. These new approaches have the additional advantage of supporting virtually all of the goals of the CFO. The cloud and DevOps practices, in fact, help enterprises to establish controls and governance, to document these controls for auditors, to reduce costs, to control IT investments, and to help enterprises earn good returns on their assets. Most of all, this transformation is tremendously risk-reducing—even if on the surface it appears to bring the risk of the new and the unknown.”