Bookmarks for June 29th through June 30th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for June 29th from 21:01 to 00:09:

  • Taking Another Person’s Perspective Doesn’t Help You Understand Them – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus – “True insight into the minds of others is not likely to come from honing your powers of intuition,” Epley wrote, “but rather by learning to stop guessing about what’s on the mind of another person and learning to listen instead.”
  • Breaking LTE on Layer Two – Can this happen to me? In theory yes, but expect the effort to be high. The most likely victims of such targeted attacks in practice are persons of special interest (e.g., politicians, journalists, etc.).
  • Revenge of the PMO | Silicon Valley Product Group – “A couple years ago I wrote about the root causes of product failure in product companies and I identified ten key attributes of Waterfall and project-mindset.  I went through and compared this list with SAFe, and literally all ten problems exist in SAFe.  Indeed, I would argue that all ten problems are inherent in that process.”
  • United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program – Wikipedia – “Rolling Thunder became the Rorschach test for the Navy and Air Force, which drew nearly opposite conclusions.”
  • It started with your shoes, then your water. Now the TSA wants your snacks. – The Washington Post – “But the “recommendation” appears to be gaining steam and moving rapidly into the territory of de-facto protocol, according to travelers who have received snack-related notices from their airlines, and who have been informed by rank-and-file TSA screeners that the snack checks are now standard practice.” – ugh humans are so good at copying other humans.
  • Show your projects in motion with animated GIFs | The GitHub Blog – “Taking time to dress your UI before recording can create a much more realistic backdrop for your animation. In filmmaking, this is called mise-en-scène, and it can refer to things like scenery and props. For an animated GIF, this might mean seeding your app with content that reinforces the scenario you are demonstrating, but even random, realistic content is better than pasting in lorem ipsum text or names like “example for demo.””
  • Show HN: The Program – A fictional podcast inspired by Hacker News stories | Hacker News – “Every episode is a self-contained story, but all of them revolve around technological and societal themes that are close to the HN ethos. In fact, episode 3 was directly inspired by an HN story found at and some of the comments from that thread have been incorporated into the story almost verbatim.”
  • The Program Audio Series – “The Program is a historical podcast, but a one that’s set in the future and examines the present day. The world of the future is exactly like ours, except that Money, State, and God became fused into a single entity called the Program. This hardcore sci-fi premise however is just the backdrop, and the series focuses on stories of ordinary people inhabiting this extraordinary world.”
  • Get your push NotiFICTIONs on! – Serial Box Serial Box – “Push notifications. Not a term that typically strikes enthusiasm or inspiration in the heart of the average mobile user. But we here at Serial Box are all about expanding the horizons of what’s possible in the world of storytelling, no matter the medium or screen size.

    Beginning July 9th, we are giving the shunned notification a shot at fame with the launch of an all-new feature: Microfiction Mondays.

    Every Monday we will release a new 150-character-or less story from our talented pool of more than 60 Hugo, World Science Fiction, and Nebula Award-winning and -nominated authors, all via push notifications.”

  • Jim Campbell, Electrical Engineer Turned Artist, Lights Up San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower – “Campbell loves both engineering and art, but says trying to make a career out of both felt “schizophrenic. The engineering and art parts of my brain are separate.” He even found himself using two names—Jack for his Silicon Valley career, Jim in the art world. At least then, when he got a phone call, he knew what the caller might be wanting. Finally, with a young child also demanding his time, he gave up the engineering job.”
  • Deceived by Design | MetaFilter
  • Too Many Cooks creator returns to skewer video games and streamer culture – The Verge – Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough, created by Kelly and Nick Gibbons, starts as a (barely) over-the-top sketch starring Blair Trigger, a streamer playing what best resembles a bad Gears of War game. In between dropping his best puns (“ass-id juice, see what I did there”) and playthrough tips, Blair reads aloud questions and comments from fans like “Masterqueef453.”