Bookmarks for June 26th from 09:19 to 20:25

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links posted to for June 26th from 09:19 to 20:25:

  • Confessions of an accidental job destroyer – MIT Technology Review – “If you, too, are a job automator, or will be someday, here’s my advice: talk to the people whose jobs you are automating. It’s going to be uncomfortable, but they probably want to tell you their point of view. Dismissing them can reinforce the us-against-them mind-set and create opportunities for miscommunication. When I talked to Gary for this story, he told me the company had taken “a very aggressive stance with [him] and some other employees in similar positions” after I left. “I assumed, wrongly, that I would have an opportunity to follow along with the evolution of the process,” he said.”
  • Exclusive Interview: The Freeze-Frame Revolution Author Peter Watts …
  • Marzipan as a Path to ARM Based Macs – “And maybe, just maybe, and remember these are half baked thoughts, but maybe Apple is wondering if some Pro users might be better served by MacOS Touch 1.0 running on ARM.”
  • macOS Mojave: Back to the Mac – Six Colors – “If you hover the cursor over a Stack and swipe left and right on the trackpad, the Finder will step through the contents of the Stack one at a time, with the filename and preview icon appearing in place of the Stack name and icon.”
  • High altitude connectivity: The next chapter | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code – “As we've worked on these efforts, it's been exciting to see leading companies in the aerospace industry start investing in this technology too — including the design and construction of new high-altitude aircraft. Given these developments, we've decided not to design or build our own aircraft any longer, and to close our facility in Bridgwater.” – a high altitude incredible journey.
  • Creating a Modern OCR Pipeline Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning | Dropbox Tech Blog – “To address this shortcoming, we eventually tracked down a font vendor in China who could provide us with representative ancient thermal printer fonts.” – via Ben Hammersley