Bookmarks for September 27th through September 28th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for September 27th from 11:36 to 07:55:

  • Twitter – …and others have noticed that paragraph as well.
  • Twitter – I keep coming back to this paragraph. you can sense his exasperation here.
  • Twitter – @hondanhon @mildlydiverting @danhon Hi back atcha. A KP recommendation is like gold dust. I buy mine with wine. Hav…
  • Twitter – Been traveling without internet access for a coupla days & just saw this. Funny to think of mainstream media & Face…
  • Twitter – The tree has entered my hands,
    The sap has ascended my arms,
    The tree has grown in my breast-
    The bra…
  • s5e02: It’s Not Safe To Go Alone, Buy This – It’s true that @hondanhon basically globally shamed me into a NYT sub, but you should subscribe to this newsletter
  • Twitter – An internet-connected camera designed to sit right next to your bed? sure what could possibly go wrong