Bookmarks for May 30th from 17:05 to 22:50

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for May 30th from 17:05 to 22:50:

  • Twitter – Can't wait for him to delete that tweet so that someone can post a screencap with the caption, "Nevertheless,…
  • Twitter – This is #covfefe right? Right? With the … sloth?
  • Twitter – It's been over an hour and the tweet's still up. Why?

    Guys, it's time for some game covfefe.

  • Twitter – Speculative fiction novel proposal: Two parallel universes, one in which #covfefe was deleted & one in which it was…
  • Twitter – Will be mailing out last of my Patreon rewards for May this week. Sign up now so I can include you in the mailing!
  • [toread]
  • [toread]
  • [toread]
  • Twitter – You're essentially calling the BBC fake news. The Soviets won the space race. The US saved face by moving goalpost,…