Bookmarks for January 31st from 16:11 to 20:29

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for January 31st from 16:11 to 20:29:

  • Marvel Developer Portal – Wow, cool.
  • Oculus Rift: Gravity – "Ultimately, the experience is quite nauseating"
  • World Economic Forum w/ Zoë Keating – Hey Apple, gift Robert Hodgin one of those new Mac Pros already. "One issue I was excited to address is the texture size. I recently purchased a new Macbook Pro and this afforded me the opportunity to explore using larger texture sizes. My previous laptop was able to handle 8k textures ( 8,192 x 4,096 ) but would begin to glitch if I asked it to work with 16k textures ( 16,384 x 8,192 ) despite my video card being listed as 16k texture friendly. I didn’t want to have to explore options which split the textures into more manageable pieces that loaded in dynamically ( like Google Maps/Earth ); this would be no small feat."
  • Personal Identity Is (Mostly) Performance – Jennifer Ouellette – The Atlantic
  • Why are starfish dying off the Pacific Coast? – "You heard that right. The arms crawl in opposite directions, until they tear away from the body and their insides spill out. And unlike most starfish, the arms don’t regenerate. Stars that came in with symptoms died within 24 hours."
  • The Hoodie Firm – "We build prototypes and products faster
    than you can snap your fingers."