iCloud Keeps Grandparents Happy

by danhon

And stressed parents, too.

Here’s what you do. It requires you to buy into Apple, but hey, you want your parents to be happy, right?

  1. Put all your photos into iPhoto or Aperture.
  2. Buy all the grandparents some sort of iPad. You may have already done this due to wanting to reduce your technical support burden.
  3. Buy all the grandparents an Apple TV and set it up for them.
  4. Remember who’s got what iCloud account.
  5. Set up a shared photo stream that you and your partner can post to.
  6. Subscribe the grandparents to the photo stream.
  7. Set the photo stream up as the default screensaver on the Apple TV.

Stand back and watch as new baby photos appear AUTOMAGICALLY in front of the new grandparents with notifications, without ever having to bother with Yahoo! logins, Flickr accounts or “are you a friend or family”.