Bookmarks for March 11th from 08:07 to 13:02

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, my Instapaper bookmarks and my public links posted to for March 11th from 08:07 to 13:02:

  • [toread] Twitter / johnploughman: @gdsteam @edds Great stuff … – @gdsteam @edds Great stuff :D Just done it the practical driving test booking service.
  • [toread] Amiigo: The exercise tracker that identifies exercises – Just another sign that self-quantification has become commodified. Back when we first saw the Nike Fuelband, I remember saying that NIke had better get its software and services right. Because as soon as Fuelband came out, any bunch of people could a) go to China and say "make me a copy of this", b) go to University Avenue with a bunch of competent software/service designers and ask for a bunch of money and c) potentially iterate faster than a billion dollar company that's navigating the physical/digital/service gap.

    What Nike's got going for it is a 30+ year old brand and first-mover advantage in the quantified self/measurement space. They've also made smart decisions about what consumers will actually do: witness the simple single number of the Fuelband versus the Silicon Valley explosion of data and options that a Fitbit or other device will provide for you.

    But: now that Nike have opened the door, they're going to have to keep running.

  • Where are the Android users? | asymco – The hunch that more people (IN THE US) would rather buy a $0 down 2 year contract iPhone 4 than $0 or more for any other Android phone as borne out by Android activations, market share and installed device base.
  • H2G2 – A3 Print Order – Prints of stills from H2G2 animation sequences
  • A Note from Dan Porter | Zynga Company Blog – The true genius of Zynga (for the most part) is "the art, science and special sauce running games as a service". On top of an already existing game mechanic/design that's easily copied.