Week 86

by danhon

Week 86 at W+K Portland started with the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas (“holiday”) rush. Last week was a fairly light week – holiday party on the Tuesday, office closed on Wednesday through Friday.

Big account work this week.

  • Facebook (secret, as ever, but you’ll know it when you see it)
  • Coca-Cola Global (we’re in our last sprint toward a big client presentation next week, holing ourselves up in the conference room on the sixth floor)
  • For Nike, most of my focus has been on this year’s Nike Cross Nationals – last year we hooked up the final races and broadcast RFID chip timings and a live stream on to a Facebook app, this year we’re pretty excited about what we’ve got coming.
  • There were some pretty hilarious script reviews on Kraft.

Things That Measure Things

This year, we launched the Nike+ Fuelband – a new wearable device from Nike that’s one of the best examples of an atoms company moving over to a bits-and-atoms company. They’re not alone: the new version of Jawbone’s Up is out (here’s the Verge review, and another one in Fast Company Design which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in its headline), after having had a less-than-stellar launch in late 2011.

It feels like every week a whole bunch of new Things That Measure Things come out:

  • Here’s one from Fujitsu that incorporates the same basic technology (three-axis accelerometers) but measures how healthy your dog is.
  • Here’s Forbes covering a suite of Bluetooth connected devices called Scanadu, but, you know, it doesn’t exist yet.
  • And here’s Ars Technica covering the new Fitbit, too.

More on the Quantified Self

Dan Hill was kind enough to ask me to rework my “Myself, Quantified” post about my reaction to a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis and a plethora of consumer electronics into an article for Domus. So you should read Fitness by design.

Anything but the iPhone

Something I’m trying to do is to spend less time reading about things and more time doing things. It’s one thing to know how many Android devices are out there, but it doesn’t mean shit if you spend all your time on the latest iPhone. So this week was about spending appreciable time with Windows Phone 8 and a Galaxy S3. After a day and a half of using each, Windows Phone 8 leaves me feeling claustrophobic and Android on the Galaxy S3 leaves me in a seething rage.

(An aside: for the kind of person I am, swimming in a sea of Google Reader feeds, Stellar.io streams, Facebook and Twitter, it sometimes might feel like you already know about something without having experienced it. You’ve already seen everyone else’s opinions and reactions, decided whose opinion you trust and moved on, because you know, there’a shit-tonne of stuff out there anyway. So if everyone thinks the SNL skit about the iPhone 5 complainers meeting the Chinese workers is hilarious, you kind of understand the concept (entitled Westerners moan about First World Problems to Third World Workers with Real Problems) and that it’s funny without watching it. Until you watch it and it’s actually side-splittingly hilarious.

Three Links this week

Coming up

Within the next couple of weeks, a Nexus 4 and BERG’s Little Printer should be arriving.