Apple Maps Considered Harmful

by danhon

Tonight I had my first legitimate Apple Maps outrage.

We needed to get to 1233 SE Stark St in Portland.

In Google Maps, if you search for 1233 SE Stark St, you get this:

It’s a pushpin in the right location, titled “1233 SE Stark St”.

In Apple Maps, you get this:

If you’re paying attention, the pushpin is on the same location as in Google Maps.


The caption for the Apple Maps version is 1233 SE 13th Avenue.

For fun, the blue dot is where we were after putting 1233 SE 13th Avenue into our car’s GPS because we didn’t want to use Apple Maps’ directions.

See, here’s the directions to get from 1233 SE Stark to 1233 SE 13th:

Now, I can live (sort of) with out-of-date businesses. Well, not really. I can live with it not having as much detail, like footpaths. But when it takes the street address that you’ve typed in and shows the correct location but with a completely different street address.

(Confusingly, 1233 SE 13th Avenue does lead to a correctly-named pushpin for 1233 SE 13th Avenue)

Well, sigh.

Thanks, Apple Maps.