Bookmarks for June 2nd through June 4th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, and my public links posted to for June 2nd from 18:25 to 11:25:

  • Instagram – @hondanhon: Bag of eyes
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: Me and my buddy
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: I will kill you all
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: First outfit
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: Naked ad nerd is naked
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: Clothes
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: The very first course in Makies maintenance, care and love
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: AD NERD 3/100
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: He's here! Cc @makielab
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: Hair! Cc @makielab
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: The action doll you design cc @makielab
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: IT'S HERE cc @makielab
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: RT @Nike: Motivation is coming to you. The Nike FuelBand will be available at select U.S. Nike stores nationwide 6.8.
  • We Talk to the Creator of The Avengers UI and Iron Man’s HUD – "I was the kid who was always trying to freeze frame the displays in films and read what they said. I always knew there was some cool stuff hidden in there. I loved art and design, so I started teaching myself graphic design and motion design and began designing interface themes for Windows and Mac."
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: NYT insists on using floppy disk icon