Thought experiment: medical and pharma patents

by danhon

One of the things that crossed my mind when I was writing my quantified self post was the state of intellectual property – primarily patents – in the field of blood glucose testing.

There’d be the patents for the sensing strips themselves and the methods through which you design the capillaries to draw the hood sample up. The ways in which you could keep the rest of the sensor package sterile. The way that you would account for changes in sensor sensitivity in each strip, presumably resulting in the requirement (or non-requirement, as it seems to not exist these days) of coding.

And that’s just the strip. Then there’s the design patents for must-fit functionality, ensuring that you can only put the strip in the right way. The. The sensor package in the reader itself, and you haven’t even started on the numerous software patents for assessing, interpreting, recording and displaying the sensor data on a one-time and historical basis.

And I thought: if I were rich, I mean, really really rich, Gates Foundation style rich, and I wanted to be massively disrupting…

what would be the n top patents you would buy, then license out, for free, to get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of saving lives?

I’m obviously hand waving things like building infrastructure and distribution of the end goods, but what would you choose?