It’s like Argos…

by danhon

I’m in New York for a friend’s wedding and it’s one of those occasions where I’ll break out the DSLR for some nice(r) photographs. The thing this time has been to get a replacement 50mm f1.8 lens because the one I have, fantastic as it has been, has decided to separate itself into two substantially less useful components. I completely failed to get to B&H Photo, managed to get to Adorama after it closed, seriously considered just Amazon-ing the damn thing to the hotel but then – and only then – did I think of checking Best Buy.

Which had the lens I needed in stock. And would also let me do in-store pickup! And the store was only a few blocks away!

So I ordered the lens, walked over to the store and waited for forty five minutes, staring at the lens I had bought, but not able to yet buy it, because someone hadn’t picked it and placed it on a shelf so I could pick it up.

I guess I could’ve cancelled my order and just bought the one I could see, but then I’m British and that would’ve been messing with the Order of Things.

Suggestion for Best Buy: when I go to the in-store pickup section to collect an order and you can tell that it hasn’t been picked yet, but you can tell from your inventory that you do indeed have the product in stock, why don’t you just call up to the floor, cancel my pickup order and get someone to sell me the damn thing so I don’t have to wander your store aimlessly adding things to my Amazon wish list?