Bookmarks for May 25th from 16:38 to 18:31

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of public links I’ve either posted to, or favourites from Twitter, and my public links posted to for May 25th from 16:38 to 18:31:

  • FuelBand for alpha waves (16 May., 2012, at Interconnected) – Matt on a follow-on Fuelband for alpha waves makes the following note:

    "And then I thought: I don't give myself enough time to exercise either, and what I did in that case was buy a Nike+ FuelBand and monitor how many steps I take each day. (There was a surprise there: Factoring out exercise, there's a huge variation in my regular everyday activity, a four-times difference between quiet days and active days although they feel much the same.)"

    This seems to happen with everyone who starts a QS regime. You're not who you thought you were.

  • Cantina Creative – Design and visual effects studio.
  • jayse – "Story-telling data + UI design for film"
  • Avengers – jayse – "This is just an image dump of marvel approved stills and screenshots of my work on the film. I'll do a proper post soon – this is a fraction of the work – But I had the distinct pleasure of working with Cantina Creative, leading the design of the glass screens for the Helicarier in the Avengers. I also led the design and animation of the all new and upgraded Mark VII Hud. "
  • Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka » Blog Archive » NTK, Fifteen Years On – dob on the re-emergence of NTK, 15 years later. Reading today's issue, it's amazing how things are still the same.
  • Introducing XOXO – – Very excited to be going to this.