Five things I’ve been thinking about

by danhon

Five things I’ve been thinking about recently.

  1. The influence of popular video game culture on film and vice-versa: see – Battle: Los Angeles and its close tracking to a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game (SPOILERS: Character backstory, deployment to FOB, assignment of civilian rescue operation, ambush in a smoke-filled urban environment, identification and rescue of civilians, set-piece of rescue helicopter crashing, identification of escape route, mission to escape vehicle, escape vehicle driving mini game, ambush, opportunity to take out mini boss, arrival at deserted FOB, re-deployment, death of supporting character and, then using a laser-based target designator to call in an airstrike). See also: Act of Valor and Aliens.
  2. Kickstarter. Yes, everyone’s thinking about Kickstarter, if only because in coverage terms (never mind investment/revenue/users) it’s doing that hockey-stick thing. I made this point in a bookmark about the Two Guys from Andromeda project, but really: how long is it going to be until Amazon rolls out this feature? “People who liked this x that you just bought also liked this other y – that doesn’t exist yet but will if you help fund it”.
  3. Managing people in (for?) a creative environment. In particular, showing as many people as possible the Valve Employee Handbook.
  4. Tools for creative development. Specifically, I’m still thinking about Bret Victor’s talk and the conversations I’ve had with Michael B Johnson at Pixar about their pre-production pipeline (along the lines of this interview) and how both of those perspectives apply to developing great interactive work in a creative/advertising agency. It’s the kind of thing I feel you really need to think for a while about unless you’re happy with a list that says things like: “More whiteboards” and “More Fireworks templates”. It’s particularly interesting as to how Michael looks at fixing information flow and making that as easy, transparent and quick as possible. But then, perhaps the easiest thing is to get people who weren’t talking to each other, talking to each other, and then make that process as easy as possible.
  5. Oh, and The Avengers.