Out of Office: Thanksgiving

by danhon

I got a few replies about this one.


Many, many years ago, America’s forefathers (but not their foremothers) apparently endured much hardship and were only able to survive because of the willingness of the Turkey, a heretofore ill-loved bird, to sacrifice itself to feed a band of colonists struggling to forge fresh lives.

To this day – or so I am led to believe – Americans owe their lives to the Turkey.

It is for this reason that I will be unavailable from 6pm on Tuesday 22nd November to 9am Tuesday 29th November.

I will be honouring the Turkey that gave its life for the pilgrims, and every other Turkey that has given its life up since for the last two thousand and eleven years of this glorious nation.

We should remember – as I do, as an adopted American – how much the Turkey has given us, and strive each day, to be as thankless as that original Turkey, and to consider how well we would taste when served with stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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