Bookmarks for May 7th through May 8th

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links from Twitter and for May 7th from 00:49 to 22:57:

  • More hyperwall images – Although this might instead be "powerwall-2" given the url
  • The hyperwall: A multiple flat-panel display wall for high-dimensional visualization – Bookmarked mainly for this: "Example of a 7 7 hyperwall display showing different visualizations and timesteps of a Space Shuttle main engine liquid hydrogen turbopump CFD simulation." Must be a super early version because the displays are only being driven at 1280×1024 and the compute nodes are Athlons with 100GB IDE disks. Which takes you back.
  • Visualization System: hyperwall-2 – … and this is, I think, the latest version of the Hyperwall (hyperwall-2) at NASA AMES. I have to admit, it seems pretty, um, old now. Hey, anyone want to make a joke about playing Crysis on it?
  • blprnt.blg | Jer Thorp – … and here's Jer Thorp's blog, the most recent posting as of this bookmarking is A SET OF VISUALISATIONS EXPLORING THE HISTORY OF THE AVENGERS.
  • GoodMorning on the Hyperwall. on Vimeo – I WANT A 128-DISPLAY 16*8 HIGH RESOLUTION HYPERWALL AND A RESIDENT DATA ARTIST. Why does NASA AMES get all the cool toys? Oh right, because it's NASA AMES.
  • blprnt on Vimeo – That exo concept was by this guy.
  • Exo: A Visualization of Kepler’s Exoplanet Candidates on Vimeo – A few things about this: 1. This is some awesome Star Trek shit. The Stellar Cartography lab on the later Enterprises and in Voyager? This is that. 2. 48 planets in the habitable zone? THAT'S 48 M-CLASS PLANETS. HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK THAT IS AWESOME. 3. By the 36th second you can tell this is an Oblong interface. 4. Speaking of seconds, the pull-out around the 30th second? More awesome. 5. Coming soon for web and tablet. IT'S A STELLAR CARTOGRAPHY LAB IN YOUR POCKET.

    I don't think you understand how excited I am about this.

  • 2048pixels – Wallpaper for Your iPad Retina Displays! – Not enough good ones here yet.
  • A Whole Lotta Nothing: Transformers/Avengers rated: PTSD – Matt on city destruction in this year's Avengers and last year's Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. I have to admit that there was just one scene in The Avengers where a tower collapsed, WTC-style, and I thought: they're really going to show that?
  • Republicans Out Of My Scrotum! | jwz – I don't get you, America
  • Gamasutra – News – Big improvements for browser games on the horizon, says Epic’s Sweeney – "I think the next step in that is cross-compiling games from C++ or whatever and directly running them as native HTML5 and JavaScript applications within any standard web browser," [Sweeney] predicts.

    Well. That would be something.

  • Gamasutra – News – Opinion: A matter of Life & Death – Oh God, I remember when the sequel came out for this and had 256 colour VGA graphics. SO LIFELIKE!
  • Instagram – @hondanhon: It's hot in Portland today
  • Untitled – @hondanhon: RT @Superflux: Today at 9am on @BBCRadio4 #StarttheWeek @anabjain joins Andrew Marr @charlesarthur @Harkaway @simonings …