Extenuating Circumstances

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Bookmarks for May 7th through May 8th

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links from Twitter and Pinboard.in for May 7th from 00:49 to 22:57: More hyperwall images – Although this might instead be "powerwall-2" given the url The hyperwall: A multiple flat-panel display wall for high-dimensional visualization – Bookmarked mainly for this: "Example of a 7 7 hyperwall display […]

Out of Office: Thanksgiving

I got a few replies about this one. Hello Many, many years ago, America’s forefathers (but not their foremothers) apparently endured much hardship and were only able to survive because of the willingness of the Turkey, a heretofore ill-loved bird, to sacrifice itself to feed a band of colonists struggling to forge fresh lives. To […]