Bookmarks for May 1st from 06:37 to 16:25

by danhon

This is an auto-posted collection of my public links on for May 1st from 06:37 to 16:25:

  • Kinect+SLR Filmmaking Workshop at Hangar Barcelona on Vimeo – Kinect new aesthetic filmmaking is spreading.
  • Anyone have this after owning a Fitbit Ultra? – gdgt – Comparison of FitBit vs Nike+ Fuelband: "However (just as I hypothesized!), I'm starting to find the FitBit "world" a little clinical and boring; and am increasingly drawn to earning Achievements, completing Missions, and getting MOAR FUUUELL! Everything about Nike Fuel just speaks to me as an avid gamer. They have truly succeeded at gamifying fitness. It's become about "playing this game", "filling up that Fuel bar", and "earning that achievement". Not about "getting in shape", "losing 10 pounds", or "running 5 miles". There's a reason I was doing jumping jacks and running in place while watching Game of Thrones on Sunday, and it wasn't to stay awake, nor for FitBit steps…
  • » Post Topic » Ansaz, three – Bookmarked for the killer Quantum Leap continuation/sequel posted as the answer to Der Whelk's question (scroll down a bit).
  • chartsnthings – Great (new?) tumblr from the NYT Graphics Department showing their design and exploration process for data visualisation.
  • Why There Are No Bosses At Valve – Businessweek – Far be it for me to be cynical, but my Spidey-sense is tingling with something fishy going on at Valve. First there's the unprecedented opening of the kimono with Michael Abrash's fantastic blog post, then there's the "leaking" of the Valve Employee Handbook and now there's this Bloomberg interview with Gabe. But this interview is fantastic, it's a great insight – just like the employee handbook – into what goes into making a great company culture that then is able to produce great work.
  • Data versus diabetes – Boing Boing – Bookmarked for the boingboing comment thread on my post.