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Month: June, 2011

links for 2011-06-22

Microsoft Demos iTV Ads Using Its Kinect Technology | Special: Cannes – Advertising Age "Xbox, more" (tags: xbox microsoft nuads kinect platform advertising interactive television video)

links for 2011-06-17

Comcast demos ‘next generation’ social TV experience – Lost Remote Interesting and all, but what bollocks is this: "The new Xfinity experience runs entirely off the cloud. “It can be innovated and changed on the fly, in the cloud, and it changes all across the country simultaneously" OR YOU KNOW. IT'S A CLIENT SERVER APPLICATION. […]

links for 2011-06-16

Gamasutra – News – Microsoft Trademark Application Points To Kinect-Based Interactive Ad Platform "Microsoft has filed a trademark for the term NUADS, which the application hints might refer to a new, interactive advertising platform that uses Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect camera controller." (tags: microsoft xbox xbox360 kinect advertising trademark)

links for 2011-06-11

Gamasutra – News – Windows 8 To Feature Xbox Live Integration "When asked if Xbox Live will be a cloud media service for PCs, Windows Phones, and Xbox 360s, the executive responded that it will be "the pervasive media service across devices"." – Hey Apple, I got your iCloud right here. (tags: microsoft windows windows8 […]