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Month: May, 2011

links for 2011-05-11

rowshambow.com | Startup game development studio | Orlando, FL » About Ex-EA Tiburon sports devs (tags: directtoconsumer gaming rowshambow studio independent funding) Zynga teams up with Lady Gaga through GagaVille | VentureBeat Zynga's latest media platform offering (tags: zynga partnership strategy music ladygaga gaming media) Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Tensions between #gamification elements and […]

links for 2011-05-09

FT.com / Arts / Film & Television – Joking apart Stewart Lee will shit a brick if anyone asks him to 'do some transmedia', I bet. Via Phil. (tags: stewartlee comedy medium content multiplatform transmedia)

links for 2011-05-07

Home | Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide Yes. (tags: visualsearch leaves trees) GameSetWatch – Fight Zombies, Buy Restaurants In Google Maps-Powered iPad MMO omfg. (tags: omfg gaming mapping ipad ios realworld mmog)

links for 2011-05-06

Gamasutra – News – Facebook And TrialPay To Introduce Video Ads Within Social Games Ugh. (tags: facebook gaming advertising media) Gamification 2011 | Digital Shoreditch Also wow. (tags: gamification shoreditch london) Apple vs. Google ads: What are they selling? | TiPb If you wanted to be snarky, you'd do a parody Dear Sophie ad that […]

links for 2011-05-05

Next iPad to Offer 3D Display? – Mac Rumors Crock. Of. Shit. (tags: ipad 3d rumour hollywood) The purpose of gamification – O'Reilly Radar Just wow. (tags: gamification killmenow)

links for 2011-05-04

I get mail. | jwz OK, I can't link to the comment directly, but basically jwz is turning himself into the background of Snow Crash. (tags: jwz snowcrash)

links for 2011-05-03

Gamasutra – Features – A Decade On, Halo Charts Its Course Ten years of Halo franchise (tags: halo franchise 343industries microsoft mgs gaming xbox bungie) Gamasutra – News – EA's Hasbro COO Jason Willig Joins Social Games Developer Booyah It feels like every week another senior EA staffer leaves for a social games company. (tags: […]