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Month: April, 2011

links for 2011-04-28

HelloRacer™ WebGL WebGL is better than you probably think it is. (tags: webgl demo racer mrdoob three.js)

links for 2011-04-25

Latest Update for PSN/Qriocity Services – PlayStation Blog "Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure." (tags: playstation sony psn network operations) IndieGames.com – The Weblog – Browser Game Pick: FoldingStory (FoldingStory Team) (tags: gaming storytelling indiegames) Summary of Premier Life Benefits – Barclays How to claim […]

links for 2011-04-21

Press Office Video Public Service Announcements "Patty Duke and George Takei show you how to “Boldly Go” to www.socialsecurity.gov" Wait, what? (tags: pattyduke georgetakei startrek socialsecurity government usa doubletake) Technological prognostications: A computer rebellion that wasn't | The Economist "ON APRIL 19th 2011, Skynet went berserk; two days later it began a killing spree and […]

links for 2011-04-20

Fourth Wall Marketing – Los Angeles Marketing & Advertising Agency Not the Fourth Wall you're looking for… (tags: marketing advertising) Portal 2 Comes With An…Interactive Movie Trailer? Portal 2: now with free advertising! (tags: portal2 valve super8 trailer advertising) Rovio – Home "Furthermore, we will soon launch the biggest alternate reality game with Angry Birds […]

links for 2011-04-19

Was One Video Game's Alternate Reality Marketing Campaign Worth It? Portal 2 ARG may not be complete slam-dunk success for Valve, but they're Valve, so it's OK. (tags: portal2 portal arg marketing valve)

links for 2011-04-14

Sony Vs Geohot Case Documents – Project PS3 Forums Leaked Geohot settlement agreement. (tags: geohot sony ps3 settlement legal) geohot got sued Geohot apparently agreed to an injunction not to jailbreak/mess with the PS3 anymore, but it looks like his way of dealing with that is to publicly call for a Sony boycott and to […]

links for 2011-04-13

Geotag Your Favorite Typography With Typeplace – PSFK I'm only going to join this after Tom Coates has. (tags: typeplace location gelocation typography tagging psfk) Game Developers Conference Online | October 10-13, 2010 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, Texas GDC Online 2011 call for submissions (tags: submissions gdc2011 gdconline callforsubmissinos gaming conference gamedesign gamedev) […]

links for 2011-04-12

Gamasutra – News – Survey: Gaming Top Activity On Tablets For U.S. Users Lots of people play games on tablets. Most tablets are iPads. (tags: admob survey gaming tablet ipad gamasutra) Gamasutra – News – Kiip Lands $4M In Funding For Coupons Tied To In-Game Achievements I'll pass on whether I think this is a […]

links for 2011-04-07

You Need $100,000 [Game Development] – What Games Are $100k, inclusive of sweat equity, to make a good game. (tags: gamedesign gamedev gaming business indiegames) jtnimoy: The Work of Josh Nimoy of IBM Data Baby and Tron Legacy and a whole bunch of other stuff (tags: processing art design joshnimoy motiongraphics animation interactive tronlegacy datababy […]

links for 2011-04-05

OpenStreetBlock (Frumination) Human-readable American-style block addresses from lat/lon. (tags: openstreetblock openstreetmap osm humanreadable text location) THQ – Investor Relations – News Release "The Random House Publishing Group (RHPG) and THQ (NASDAQ:THQI) announced today a pioneering step in transmedia – the establishment of a joint team to create and develop original intellectual properties ("IP") for publication […]