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Month: February, 2011

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My Time Lord: Doctor Who MMO Announced | Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is developed to be both highly engaging and fun" But not addictive, mind. (tags: doctorwho gaming threerings mmo) Gamasutra – News – Bringing Nancy Drew To iPad: Books, Meet Games, Meet Books "The definition of games, much like the […]

Compare and contrast

Inflection Point, 11 February 2003 Why do we have to manually initiate the save process? We’re already creating a rolling record of all the alterations done to our document: can’t we just spool this all to disk? It’s not as if our disks aren’t big enough anymore: we’re now down to a┬ádollar per gigabyte of […]

What the Fuck is my Gamification Strategy Dot Com

… is something I didn’t bother registering, but if I did, it would say: “Would you like a badge with that?” I suspect someone has already made that joke though. PS. What the Fuck is my Transmedia Strategy Dot Com

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PSFK ┬╗ Monopoly Live: Is A Game That Controls Everything For You Really A Game? An auto-player for Monopoly (tags: monopoly boardgame autoplayer)

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Creating Two Models in One Form (Page 1) – Tutorials – Rails Forum – Ruby on Rails Help and Discussion Forum Build two associated models from one form (tags: rails rubyonrails tutorial models association ruby form)