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Month: November, 2010

links for 2010-11-23

Orange UK Preparing to Offer Subsidized iPad Pricing – Mac Rumors The carrier-subsidised Christmas iPads are coming. (tags: ipad subsidised carrier network orange pricing subscription) Who’s going to win X Factor, does facebook give the game away? Oooh, good. Must remember to look at this again in a bit. (tags: facebook xfactor voting likes)

links for 2010-11-19

The story of Polaroid inventor Edwin Land, one of Steve Jobs' biggest heroes – (37signals) It turns out that the iPhone, iPod and iPad are merely projections from the hylean theoric world. (tags: 37signals apple philosphy htw)

links for 2010-11-18

The Future of Board Games: Innovation Is Afoot "Well done Nike. You’ve found a way to effectively combine exercise, fun, competition, technology, social networking, and more. Participants absolutely loved The Nike Grid." (tags: nikegrid boardgames innovation sport exercise socialnetworking competition fun)

links for 2010-11-16

RiTa This would've been the "proper" way of doing whatthefuckismytransmediastrategy, but my way was funnier. via Heathcote. (tags: markov linguistics generative literature toolkit java code rita)

links for 2010-11-15

Names You Need to Know in 2011: Gabe Newell – Oliver Chiang – SelectStart – Forbes Wow. Gabe Newell's a name Forbes thinks you need to know about in 2011. (tags: gabenewell valve business games 2011 steam distribution gaming) James Frey's new publishing model: A factory for Hollywood-friendly books Ah, so Frey *did* write I […]

links for 2010-11-14

James Frey's new publishing model: A factory for Hollywood-friendly books Ah, so Frey *did* write I Am Number Four, then? (tags: jamesfrey fiction writing worldbuilding factory) Two new Battle: Los Angeles trailers are eerily alluring The trailer for Battle:LA genuinely looks like the movie could be the next Aliens. (tags: battlelosangeles trailer movie aliens)

links for 2010-11-09

welcome to optimism: Nike Grid: crunchy data How we made the Nike Grid dataviz videos. (tags: nikegrid stamen wk wklondon nike dataviz videos production visualization danhon w+k)

links for 2010-11-06

Gesture-Based Advertising – PSFK Does anyone know if the Kinect skeleton can recognise you smiling or not? Bring on our mundane future of being told to smile for 30 seconds so we associate feeling happy with Pizza Hut. (tags: kinect xbox gesture 3d video facialrecognition pizzahut advertising) GameSetWatch – 8-Bit Calavera At Ground Kontrol Tonight […]

links for 2010-11-05

Some Impressions: The Fate Of The World | Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Everything was going so well! Everything was happy. Everyone was fine. Then I banned 1st generation biofuels, which created a small oil shortage, which started a recession, which cascaded into worldwide starvation and chaos. AGAIN." (tags: fateoftheworld redredemption educational games gaming seriousgames)

links for 2010-11-04

Did somebody just try to buy the British government? – Charlie's Diary Not it (tags: charliestross economy houseoflords government) Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Beyond treasure hunt: locative games 2010 and the near future "To avoid the empty room problem there is a need to design for single-usage, then for collective usage. We can expect […]