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Month: September, 2010

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BBC News – Why parents can't do maths today All I have to say about this is that the BBC uses Comic Sans in a magazine article about numeracyq (tags: bbc numeracy maths news magazine comicsans) In the Shadow of the Sun Part 1: Danny Boyle and Brian Cox on Sunshine | BFI Live | […]

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YouTube – IBM Commercial Data Baby: Data Analysis and Predictions for Smarter Healthcare Decisions I want a data baby (tags: ibm ad smarterplanet data visualisation baby youtube video)

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The fine-structure constant and the nature of the universe: Ye cannae change the laws of physics | The Economist Fine structure constant may not be. I love science. (tags: astronomy economist physics science space universe Finestructureconstant)

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Roundup: Hot Pots | Wired.com Product Reviews Electric kettle reviews. (tags: portland shopping kettle review electrical kitchen move)

Come and be a part of W+K Platform

A quick work-related post: We’ve got this thing at W+K called Platform, and we’re about to launch Season Two – and we’re looking for participants. Here’s what Sam, who runs Platform, has to say about it: We are looking for people from technology and anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide […]