Week 12 (ending 12 September 2010)

by danhon

It’s starting to get a bit manic.

The big Nike project I’m working on is a huge chaotic blob with tentacles everywhere., and most of Monday and Tuesday was lost to it.

Otherwise, I had a chance to (separately) meet with Duncan Gough, Colin Anderson from Denki and Carl Cavers from Foundation 9/Sumo and chat about games, with Warp Films to talk about zombies, with my secret agency project partners, to meet the new Katie Harrison who’s graduated Platform Season 1 to join W+K London as a Creative, to film a short intro piece for TEDxTransmedia, head over to Greenwich for the National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards (absolutely stunning) and then do a talk at the PSFK London Conference.

I think the PSFK talk went well – I’ll be writing it up and sticking it on the W+K London blog soon.

Before heading out on Friday to take the in-laws up to Wirral to meet the parents.

So, you know. A normal week.