Week 11 (ending 5 September 2010)

by danhon

Still behind. Slowly catching up.

Short week this one, what with the bank holiday, but that of course means that the week was absolutely mental. Or felt that way. It always feels mental, but in a good way.

Tuesday was mostly filled with an agency project that I’m working on along with Eleanor and Alex and a couple of outside partners, then a great afternoon spent judging an internal app competition we’ve had. Some of the entries were fantastic, so it’s going to be really difficult deciding. More status calls after that.

Wednesday I got to spend some time with BRIG and BERG to see if there’s anything promising we can be working on together. It was also the first board games night at W+K, the first of many more. Turns out that Set wasn’t as fun as I remembered it was, and we had to add on a whole bunch of other rules.

Thursday was a stupendously exciting Nokia project for most of the day, then the rest of it spent prepping for the PSFK London conference the following week and more status calls.

Friday was a work-from-home day combined with a catching up with a whole bunch of people in Brighton during the ‘not actually going to dConstruct due to forgetting to get a ticket, but instead hanging out in cafes with people’. Ben Terrett and I hung out during the cafe track, and it turns out that if you need to proof stupendously large PDF and Illustrator files, an iPad isn’t it. Which isn’t anything we didn’t know already, really.

Thursday night was not a raucous night out at all.