Week 10 (ending 29 August 2010)

by danhon

I’m writing these from memory now as I’ve lapsed a little. It’s something I’m not very happy about, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to get back on schedule. Anyway.

Spent a bit of time on Fairtrade this week – we had the delightful Mink in working with Ben and Sophie, and it was great to have her around. Some prep as well with Alison Norrington and Nicoletta Iacobacci for my TEDxTransmedia talk, and then I finally made it to a Media Festival Advisory Board meeting. The rest of the week was taken up with the kicking off of a great project with Stamen as well as more and more bits and pieces of Nike and Nokia work, before ending on Friday with Tinker London’s Friday Encounters and a head-expanding session on post-digital geopoliticals with Ben Hammersley and his moustache.

I have yet to get used to introducing myself as someone who ‘works in advertising’.

Saturday, we caught Scott Pilgrim (very fun, but a little bit shallow, but that’s not a bad thing) and Knight and Day (which I’m quite happy to say that I enjoyed, whether I’m classed as an ‘adult cinema goer’ or not). Sunday was lunch with Alex D-S, and Monday was La Boheme at the Soho Theatre which was all other kinds of mind-explodey.