Extenuating Circumstances

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Week 12 (ending 12 September 2010)

It’s starting to get a bit manic. The big Nike project I’m working on is a huge chaotic blob with tentacles everywhere., and most of Monday and Tuesday was lost to it. Otherwise, I had a chance to (separately) meet with Duncan Gough, Colin Anderson from Denki and Carl Cavers from Foundation 9/Sumo and chat […]

Week 11 (ending 5 September 2010)

Still behind. Slowly catching up. Short week this one, what with the bank holiday, but that of course means that the week was absolutely mental. Or felt that way. It always feels mental, but in a good way. Tuesday was mostly filled with an agency project that I’m working on along with Eleanor and Alex […]

Week 10 (ending 29 August 2010)

I’m writing these from memory now as I’ve lapsed a little. It’s something I’m not very happy about, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to get back on schedule. Anyway. Spent a bit of time on Fairtrade this week – we had the delightful Mink in working with Ben and Sophie, and it was great […]

links for 2010-09-13

Girls Are Geeks Girls are geeks, too. (tags: geeks girls culture) 15 Years Later: ENOS Lives On [INFOGRAPHIC] – PlayStation Blog All about passionate playstation fans (tags: enos playstation ps usa ps3 gaming sony research survey) Ted Chiang on Writing – Boing Boing "rt. But it turns out that a computer doesn't need to be […]