Come and be a part of W+K Platform

by danhon

A quick work-related post:

We’ve got this thing at W+K called Platform, and we’re about to launch Season Two – and we’re looking for participants.

Here’s what Sam, who runs Platform, has to say about it:

We are looking for people from technology and anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide W+K and our clients with new ways for brands to engage and interact with people in the future.

We need super-smart people who are keen to explore the future through themes such as play, sustainability, mobile and story-telling. They will need to be proven in their specialist field, and be free for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of 9 months, to work on multiple projects.The specific areas of skills we are looking for include physical computing, social media, augmented reality, gaming and interaction design. NB: we’re not looking for budding designers, art directors or copywriters as part of this initiative.

There is no deadline for entries, as we are running a rolling recruitment program. However, we are ready to start, so if you apply now you have a better chance of getting in.

Here’s the deal: Get paid at least £350 per week, space in our office, royalty share of profit for successful ideas and a link to W+K’s worldwide creative network. All candidates will need to be resident in the EU or have a valid work visa for the UK. Apply now by sending your portfolio to, or contact her for further info.

We’d also like you to send an outline of an R&D project that you’d like to carry out at W+K Platform.

We’re up to some awesome stuff at the moment at W+K, in London and across our network (which includes our head office in Portland, and offices in New York, Amsterdam, Delhi, Shanghai and Tokyo).

You don’t have to be an advertising person. In fact, it might even be better if you’re not – I’m not, and I’m having a fantastic time here. If you’re about creating stunning bits of culture and making things that have an impact, love working with inspiring people and access to some fantastic clients, brands and opportunities, then this is totally for you.

Drop Sam a line at, or feel free to drop me a line at, too.