Week 9

by danhon

I’m late with this one. Week 10 follows.

Week 9 was a big one and also marked my second month at W+K London. It started and ended with a lot of Nike, and then a lot of Nokia in the middle, with, again, a smattering of Fairtrade. But also, quite a lot of games stuff going on – full of meetings and calls with companies like Somethin’ Else, Denki, Honeyslug, Preloaded, ngmoco;), Blitz, Hide and Seek and ending the week with a breakfast with Matt Webb from BERG that included the phrase “fractal organisation of oxygen atoms in high-k superconductors”. So that was fun.

Outside of work, dinner with friends, I started to come down with the cold that was going round, a picnic on Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House and a stupendous panel by Danny Boyle, Brian Cox, Honor Harger and Lucie Green.