Week 8

by danhon

Mainly busy with Nike this week. Lots going on, lots of conference calls and the team is getting bigger. Should have something to show relatively soon, and super-excited about the people we’re working with.

Outside of Nike, lots of smaller things. Fairtrade and Nokia, for starters, and lots of conversations with partners about some projects that are going to be really exciting.

I’m thinking a lot about play and pretending but also about endings. Happy endings and sad endings. All sorts.

A dream project landed from Portland that I’m helping out on. I’ve been in touch with a few people about it – it’s got the potential to be huge and it’s great that it’s hit so soon after starting at W+K.

Lots going on outside work, too. Personal admin, like passport renewals and visa applications, crafty stuff (my first stitch-and-bitch and learning how to crochet), a way fun curry with friends, the W+K Summer Party and Margaret and Adrian’s Mad Men party.

Oh, and SXSW Interactive’s panel picker went live. This is the bit where I ask you to vote for mine and Crystal’s panel about Pies. Go on, it’s delicious.